Wayne County is the crossroads of culture and countryside; We really do have it all. Our county has a laid back and relaxing feel, but that doesn't mean you can't experience a small scale city, or a county farm, a new culture, or being transported back to another time. We have options to make anyone feel at home. 

Wooster, OH 

To start your weekend trip hunt let’s discuss Wooster. Located right in the heart of Wayne County, Wooster has the city feel without the hustle and bustle. Downtown you will find local restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal, small businesses to shop for unique gifts, sweet treats for dessert, or a cocktail to end the night. Wooster is great for families, couples, friend groups, foodies, or just the on the go type of traveler. Enjoy the weekend staying in one of the hotels downtown such as the St Paul Hotel or Best Western and wander the city of Wooster for the weekend! 

Kidron, OH 

For the traveler who likes to be transported to a simpler time, we would recommend a trip to Kidron. Lehman’s is the major hub in the area which we highly recommend visiting, but there are many other great stops in the area! A crowd favorite is the ‘Ashery Country Store’. This bulk food store has unique products to fill up your pantry along with local staples to pick up for dinner such as meats, eggs, and produce. When you're planning your stay in Kidron, check out ‘The Store Book Inn of Kidron’. The whole inn is yours to stay in with your family/ friends for one low price, and you will feel right at home in this beautiful space. Kidron and the surrounding areas have endless opportunities to explore so make sure to leave some time to drive around the beautiful roadways and maybe spot a few horse and buggies along the way! 

Shreve, OH 

Shreve is a great relaxing getaway. Between the town of Shreve and the neighboring Fredericksburg you will be able to enjoy some good food, coffee, and exploring. Shreve one of the closest places you can get to Amish country without leaving Wayne County. This makes it the perfect spot to stay in an area with restaurants and entertainment while also mixing and mingling with the Amish that pass through the towns. Make sure to check out Brown’s Lake Bog Preserve, which is a beautiful path through the woods that will immerse you in nature. Enjoy your relaxing weekend in Shreve, Oh. 

Wayne County has a lot of hidden gems, and sometimes just spending the weekend here you can find a few of them! We have a lot of large attractions such as Lehman’s, Smuckers, P. Graham Dunn and a few others, but make sure you also check out the small boutiques, restaurants, and attractions to have the full Wayne County experience.