About Us

Visit Wayne County logoVisit Wayne County serves as the gateway to the diverse attractions and experiences that Wayne County, Ohio, has to offer. Committed to promoting tourism and enhancing the local economy, Visit Wayne County acts as a valuable resource for visitors and residents alike. With its main office often located in the county seat, Wooster, the bureau provides information on accommodations, dining, events, and points of interest throughout the region.

One of the primary roles Visit Wayne County is to showcase Wayne County's rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. Through collaborative efforts with local businesses and organizations, the bureau promotes events, festivals, and initiatives that highlight the area's unique character. Whether it's exploring the historical sites, attending community events, or enjoying outdoor activities, the WCCVB plays a pivotal role in helping visitors make the most of their experience in Wayne County.

Additionally, Visit Wayne County is instrumental in marketing the county as a destination for meetings, conferences, and group gatherings. By working closely with local venues, accommodations, and service providers, the bureau facilitates the planning process for event organizers, contributing to the growth of the local hospitality industry.

Overall, Visit Wayne County serves as a valuable bridge between the community and those exploring the region, fostering a vibrant and thriving tourism industry while preserving and celebrating the unique charm of Wayne County, Ohio.