10 things to do in Wayne County: Spring Edition  

Spring can be slightly unpredictable, so it’s important to have activities that can be planned both inside and outside in case of rain or chilly temps. Outside activities to think of are: taking a walk, visiting parks, stopping by the local farmers market, or dining al fresco at your favorite restaurant. On those chilly spring days there is still so much that can be done. Enjoy shopping, dining inside with a window seat, checking into a work out class, heading to Amish Country or even just partaking in some spring cleaning. We definitely have a few ideas for you:

1. Winery/ Brewery tour 

Wayne County has many places to stop and grab a drink with friends! Throughout the county we have eight locations for you! If you're a winery person, check out Silver Run Vineyard & Winery, Bent Ladder Cider & Wine, Lincolnway Vineyards, Troutmans Vineyards & Winery, and Blue Barn! If you are more into the brewery style, check out JAFB, and Minglewood Distilling Co. If the weather is nice, our downtown locations do offer D.O.R.A for you to grab your drink and stroll around downtown. Lastly, Grigio, which is a newer addition to the area, is a cocktail bar with a big city feel! These places all specialize in mixed drinks, beer, liquor, or wine setting them apart and giving you a top of the line drink experience. Of course there are many local restaurants with amazing drinks as well. 

2. Farmers markets

Visiting Local farmers markets, or stopping by orchards/butchers always puts me into the spring mood! Downtown Wooster has an excellent farmers market put on in the Spring and Summer. Check out https://www.mainstreetwooster.org/farmers-market to learn more. If you can’t find what you're looking for or just need more of a farmers market feel head over to Local Roots and grab some lunch and browse the locally made items, and locally sourced goods. You can also check out some of the local orchards in the area such as Bauman Orchard, Moreland Fruit Farm, and Rittman Orchards. Make sure to check out Meatheads, White Feather, 3-D Meats, and a few others in the area for your grilling needs this spring. By time you're done collecting all your ingredients you will have a line up for a very delicious, and fresh meal!  

3. Feed the ducks at the barn 

What better way to celebrate Spring than heading over to The Barn Restaurant and feeding the ducks a handful of feed. If you have visited Wayne County, you most definitely know about the ducks at The Barn! This is such a fun activity to do with your family of friends. While you're there grab some lunch/ dinner and shop near the barn at the Oak Cupboard, Toyrifix, and swing into Jump and Shout and burn off that energy.  

4. Try a new ice cream stop

One thing that Wayne County is full of is ice cream shops! With over ten independent creameries in the county, you are bound to have a local shop you can grab a sweet treat from! We have everything from cones, hand dipped, soft serve, cement mixers, ice cream sandwiches, and so many more things to try! 

5. Try a new restaurant 

Whether you're looking for fine dining, or a sandwich on the run, try one of our local businesses! You would love the quality of food and service you will get at one of our beloved Ma and Pa shops! And the menus will keep you coming back for more. 

6. Sign up for a work out class 

One great way to reset your mind and body is a workout class! Grab a friend and find a class to burn some energy, and move your body! Your local YMCA is a great place to look for a class such as Zumba, Pound, Yoga, Spin, HIIT, and so many more. Local YMCA’s in Wooster, Orrville, Dalton, Rittman, and a few others offer such classes. You can also purchase memberships at these places to use their facilities when the weather is not ideal. Local small gyms such as Zephyrs, House of Iron, The Warehouse, Durniat Strength, Vitality, and Primal Fitness are just a few of the local gyms to get a membership and enjoy their equipment, some are even 24/7 making it easy to fit the gym into your day! If you're looking specifically for a Yoga, Barre, or Silks class, Flex Yoga is an excellent option to check out. They have a variety of classes, and you can even sign up to watch them at home if going to a class isn't your thing. 

7. Visit Lehmans

If you're visiting or local to Wayne County there is one place you have to see, Lehman’s in Kidron! They give the simpler times new life and allow you to shop products you can’t see on shelves anywhere else. Set aside a day of your travels and head to Lehman’s to be transported back in time. You will find everything from clothing, and homegoods to toys, and candy. This place is bursting at the seams with great finds, and childhood memories.  

8. Get Outside

What could be better than breathing in some fresh spring area? It’s a good thing here is Wayne County we have many different parks and trails for you to get out in nature and enjoy! In our brochure we have a list of 25 different outdoor areas to bike, walk, run, and explore. The parks are the perfect place to take your kids or pets to run around and burn some energy! You could also grab a blanket and have a nice picnic at one of the covered or uncovered picnic tables. With endless things to do, and visit, Wayne County outdoors is full of excitement. 

9. Visit Amish Country 

Amish country spills into our county and a few neighboring counties! There is always something new and interesting to learn with the Amish! Head down to Fredericksburg or Kidron and you will see the Amish homes, horses and buggies. You will be able to  learn about the Amish community, first hand, by witnessing their homes, and fields. Maybe you will even be able to stop by one of their produce stands on the side of the road! 

10. Visit a Greenhouse 

On rainy, cold spring days you may want to escape the weather and find somewhere warm. We have just the place for you to slip away to. A greenhouse! What better way to mentally prepare for summer than surrounding yourself with beautiful, lush green life and beautiful flowers. Locally you can stop by Buchwalter Greenhouse, The Greenhouse Shop, The Fredericksburg Greenhouse, Mt Eaton Greenhouse, Dalton Greenhouse, Yoder’s Greenhouse, and Heaven Scent Flowers. As well as a few other pop-up shops around the area in the late spring early summer! Quiet literally ‘stop and smell the roses’ and enjoy the spring over the next few months.