Orrville is a city located in Wayne County, Ohio, in the United States. It has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century. Here's an overview of Orrville's history:

Early Settlement: Orrville was originally settled in 1808 by a man named William McGill. He named the settlement "Orr's Mill" after Jonas Orr, an early settler and mill owner. The community gradually grew as more settlers arrived in the area.

Incorporation and Growth: Orrville was officially incorporated as a village in 1864. Its growth was primarily driven by agriculture, as the fertile land in the region attracted farmers. The arrival of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1828 further contributed to Orrville's development, facilitating transportation and trade.

Railroad Era: In the late 19th century, the expansion of the railroad had a significant impact on Orrville's growth. The Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway (later part of the Pennsylvania Railroad) established a line through Orrville, which stimulated commerce and industrialization. The presence of rail connections made Orrville an attractive location for manufacturing and commerce.

Industrial Development: Orrville became known for its manufacturing industries, particularly in the areas of agriculture and machinery. One of the most notable companies was the Orrville Agricultural Works, founded in 1859 by the Stoddard brothers. This company manufactured farm equipment and contributed to the city's economic prosperity. Other industries, including furniture manufacturing and tanneries, also emerged during this period.

The J.M. Smucker Company: One of the most well-known aspects of Orrville's history is its association with the J.M. Smucker Company. The company was established in Orrville in 1897 by Jerome Monroe Smucker and initially focused on producing apple butter. Over the years, the company expanded and diversified its product line, becoming a prominent player in the food industry. The J.M. Smucker Company remains headquartered in Orrville and has been an integral part of the city's economic landscape.

Modern Era: In recent decades, Orrville has continued to evolve and adapt. It has embraced its industrial heritage while diversifying its economy. The city has also focused on improving its infrastructure, education, and community services.

Today, Orrville is a thriving community with a population of around 8,000 residents. It is known for its small-town charm, strong sense of community, and the presence of successful businesses like the J.M. Smucker Company. Orrville's history, shaped by agriculture, industry, and entrepreneurship, is celebrated and preserved through various local initiatives and historical societies.