Wayne County is blossoming into a must stop in Northeast Ohio! With a few new places joining us in due time, there is a lot to be excited about.

The most recent of all new stops, announced February 11, is ‘Worth the Squeeze’ juice and smoothie bar to go in Downtown Wooster; they will plan to be up and running this Spring. The shop will have cold pressed juices, smoothies, and other healthy treats! 

We all know the excitement of the new Italian restaurant ‘Mariola Italian’, which will also be Downtown Wooster in the recently built building on Liberty street. The restaurant will be located right underneath the Liberty Beall apartments. There’s not much better than some good Italian food, and we can’t wait to try them out. Speaking of Mariola, City Square Steakhouse, also owned by Mike Mariola, is rumored to be expanding into the empty building next door. A few people have suggested it will become more of a bar, while others think it will be more fine dining space! Either way we're sure hoping this rumor is true. 

While we're on the topic of expansion, Local Roots, also Downtown Wooster, found on Walnut St., has made a few posts on social media hinting at their expansion plans. Ride-On, located behind Local Roots, will be joining in a Co-Op. This is all the information we have for now, but can’t wait to see the outcome. This means more healthy foods, and healthy activities! 

In Orrville, ‘Scratch Steakhouse and Lounge’ will be located on 209 Hostetler Rd. Scratch is a steakhouse that will definitely draw people into Orrville for a dining experience. Scratch was brought to life when Orrville local Darrell Mosely and his wife had visited one in Louisville, Ohio. He knew what a great addition this would make to Orrville, and left the owner his card, and the rest is history. We’re excited to watch Scratch grow in the community, and see what other businesses will follow into the area!